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The Long Defeat SSR 022
The Long Defeat
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This Chapel Hill trio's second CD for Sit-n-Spin begs for a new vocabulary. Ironic for an instrumental rock back. Math rock doesn't quite explain the moments of fragile calm and complex rhythms and droning guitars, and post-rock can't make heads or tails of the fact that much of this album is, well, downright foot-tappingly catchy. "The Long Defeat" completes an arc started by their Trekky Records release "Let 'em Work, Let 'em Live," adding instrumentation, a few new twists and turns, and a breathless conclusion so spot on, it gives new meaning to the work "sequel."
Part one: "Let 'em Work, Let 'em Live" is available from
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Luca Brasi
Boat, Wave, Walker
Fog Walk
Prayers For Savannah

La Mancha SSR 015
La Mancha
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Sometimes use of the word "song" does a disservice to the music created. Choose Your Own Adventure present five, rich, diverse tracks — sometimes epic in scope — of instrumental post rock. Taking their influences from a bevy of influences so diverse that heavy metal and experimental minimalism sometimes inhabit the same phrase, La Mancha proves that you don't always have to mind your manners to learn something.
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Blast Off To Purgatory
Rough Draft Theory

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