Rodeo Boy

SSR 016
The Pine and Promise
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Released after a three year absence from the studio, Rodeo Boy's third and latest album solidifies their promise as one of the South's most confident purveyors of good rock and roll. The latest evolution finds Rodeo Boy expanding the dimensions of their earlier sound, making bolder lyrical strides, perfecting their trademark hooks, and striding confidently into a more mature musical landscape.
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The Wanting Bird
Combat The Idea
Wrong About Winter
Heads Up For The Discovery

SSR 010
How Is It Where You Are?
CD $10 PPD
This critically acclaimed second album finds Rodeo Boy in top form. From the blues-infused opening bars of "Ordinarily Yours" to the final forlorn conclusion of "Found Out." Sincere, but with a smirk, summertime malaise never sounded so good.
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Ordinarily Yours
Thieves Please
Demon Song
Picture Postcards

SSR 008
Rodeo Boy / The Godrays
Excuse Me Do You Know What Time It Is?
split 7" $4 PPD
By employing super-advanced scientific theory, The Godrays and Rodeo Boy have switched out and redesigned their original material for a triumph of 21st century technology! Or, you could just say they cover the other's songs. Whatever works for you. The Godrays follow up their own "Kick It Around" with a moody refiguring of Rodeo Boy's "Thrifty Heart Song." Rodeo Boy responds with their "Another Chorus Comes" punctuated with a raunchy interpretation of the Godray's instant classic, "Vampires Suck."

SSR 005
And the Streets Did Shrink
CD $10 PPD   LP $8 PPD
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Otherwise you might miss something. Rodeo Boy's first album finds the Wilmington, NC trio in fine form in the creation of what would become their trademark sound. Effortlessly catchy melodies shine over the crunch of intelligent — sometimes almost bluesy — guitar. If Built To Spill came South for a vacation and stayed, they might sound something like this.
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Monumental Occasion
700ft. Excuse
This In Place Of A Charm

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