Split Releases

SSR 024
The Nein / Cantwell Gomez & Jordan
split 7" $4 PPD
Durham, NC's The Nein join forces with Chapel Hill favorites, Cantwell Gomez & Jordan to produce this summer's most improbable dance party classic. The Nein's "Auto-Destructive Dance Routine" smashes angular post-punk against a noisy clatter of found sounds. Cantwell Gomez & Jordan meld harrowing vocals and spazzy instrumentation into a delicious and toe-tapping slice of noisy exuberance.

SSR 019
Sorry About Dresden / Cold Sides
split 7" $4 PPD
Evidence that Brooklyn has no monopoly on white-hot. Two of Chapel Hill's most inventive bands split a side of wax on what may become one of the best singles you've heard all year. The Cold Sides, "Dashiki Ra!" channel early 80's post-punk sensibilities through a frenzy of angular guitars that may very well stir up spontaneous dance parties among fans and newcomers alike. Sorry About Dresden's "Leviathan" offers what may be the only synth-heavy, new wave treat to cite Thomas Hobbes in the title line while still providing ample opportunity for moving your feet.

SSR 008
Rodeo Boy / The Godrays
Excuse Me Do You Know What Time It Is?
split 7" $4 PPD
By employing super-advanced scientific theory, The Godrays and Rodeo Boy have switched out and redesigned their original material for a triumph of 21st century technology! Or, you could just say they cover the other's songs. Whatever works for you. The Godrays follow up their own "Kick It Around" with a moody refiguring of Rodeo Boy's "Thrifty Heart Song." Rodeo Boy responds with their "Another Chorus Comes" punctuated with a raunchy interpretation of the Godray's instant classic, "Vampires Suck."

SSR 007
Analogue / Cruise Control Pills
split 7" $4 PPD
Analogue's synth melodies soar over an intricate, instrumental backdrop of agile musicianship. Cruise Control Pills offer the airy, uptempo pop gem that is "Burned by the Sun." Together, they provide fitting soundtrack to a Sunday drive in your flying car, or capably simulate what that might feel like for those unfortunate enough to still be bound by gravity.

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