The Godrays

SSR 009
Well Composed Death Notice
The ep follow-up to "Songs for TV Stars" filters the Godray's pop sensibilities through a mellower, slightly more downcast lens. Notable for their ability to make a Sheryl Crow cover seem both tongue in cheek, yet affecting, "Well Composed Death Notice" adds a deliciously wry aftertaste to its predecessor's sweet and sour disposition.
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Hope This Makes Sheryl Crow Happy
Poor Grace
Shark Shaped Ship

SSR 008
Rodeo Boy / The Godrays
Excuse Me Do You Know What Time It Is?
split 7" $4 PPD
By employing super-advanced scientific theory, The Godrays and Rodeo Boy have switched out and redesigned their original material for a triumph of 21st century technology! Or, you could just say they cover the other's songs. Whatever works for you. The Godrays follow up their own "Kick It Around" with a moody refiguring of Rodeo Boy's "Thrifty Heart Song." Rodeo Boy responds with their "Another Chorus Comes" punctuated with a raunchy interpretation of the Godray's instant classic, "Vampires Suck."

SSR 006
Songs For TV Stars
Never underestimate the power of a good pop song. Or, for that matter, the deadpan brilliance of a song title like "Vampires Suck." New York's Godrays tag team male-female vocals over solid, indie pop gems. Reflective, often witty lyrical introspection, energetic guitars, and a Versus cover. Kind of like candy, without the toothaches.

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